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Luxury Bath Towels

We know how busy your schedule is, and often we all wish that we had a little more time to pamper ourselves in the morning. Now, with our collection of premium combed cotton towels, you can transport yourself after your morning shower to a luxurious spa or five star hotel. Treat yourself, your family and your house guests to the comfort of our 650 or 900 gram weight towels, made from 100% cotton.

Best Bath Towel Sets

At Chadsworth & Haig, we value quality as much as style and sumptuousness. All of our hotel collection towels are woven with tightly wound loops and provide exceptional warmth, absorbency and durability. After trying our towels once, you will want to outfit every bathroom in your home with one of our luxury towel sets. Order today to receive free shipping on your order of $35!